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“You are doing such a lovely job of bringing these important ideas to your workshop participants! I’m sure you will soon be hearing, over and over,’ This workshop changed my life!’“— Dr. Betty Edwards (best-selling author of Drawing on the Artist Within and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain)


Images from October 2018 Retreat at Sinsinawa

Mindful Play — Ink Stones and Brushes  Photo by Pam Paulsrud

Peter's carved pebbles and Brushes
photo by pam paulsrud - 2018

Mindful Play — Photo by Peter Fraterdeus

Writing with long sticks

photo by peter fraterdeus  2018


Make a Mindful Mark™

Zen Calligraphy • Physical Meditation • Balancing • Leadership • Corporate Wellness Retreats • Art and Meditation • Youth Mindfulness Sessions • Enso9000 Certified• And More!

Hold that date! 18-22 October 2020 we'll offer a Mindful Play Retreat at the stunningly beautiful 100-acre Wild Rice Center on the shores of Lake Superior.  Calligapher and visual artist  Pamela Paulsrud will join us for a magical four days in the north woods!

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Mindful Play Photo by Peter Fraterdeus

Mindful Play — Zen Calligraphy "Enso"

Praise for the Make a Mindful Mark™ and Drawing on Emptiness™ Seminars

“My expectations were high, and the experience surpassed them then took two laps around the moon and back again!” Mindful Play and Tools for Resilience (October 2018)
“Learned so much from this retreat, not so much able to quantify it in language—but in growth that is immeasuarable somehow” *
Mindful Play and Tools for Resilience (October 2018)
Your presentation was really appreciated by the attendees and it was the perfect complement to the rest of the agenda! Let's do it again!
— Megan Starr, Timber Framers Guild, Annual Conference


In our seminars and retreats, we use simple accessible tools to approach the quiet space — paper, pencil, markers, and the close observation of one’s own deliberate awareness.

Daily practice can be as little as five or ten minutes, but is also available at all times with a pen and paper!

Founder Peter Fraterdeus and various invited leaders and teachers are available for sessions worldwide. Please Contact Us for booking.


Shodo Flag - Sumi and brushes on Arches Heavy

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