Cursive Chinese after Ancient Master Huang T'ing-chen (1045-1105 CE) 

"Shi /Look!"
Cursive Chinese after Ancient Master Huang Ting-chien (1045-1105 CE)


Make a Mindful Mark™

Zen Calligraphy • Physical Meditation • Balancing • Leadership • Corporate Wellness Retreats • Art and Meditation • Youth Mindfulness Sessions • And More!

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Save the dates, October 5-8 2018, for Mindful Play and Tools for Resilience at Sinsinawa, a three-day retreat of mindful practice, mark making fun, and delineating our inner path. To be held at the beautiful Sinsinawa Mound Center near Galena, Illinois. Join us!

Early-bird registration before March 31 is $475, a $50 savings! Three nights accommodation in private rooms (shared baths) and all meals are included. 

Early Registration is now open and space is limited! Here's more info!


About Make a Mindful Mark™

Your presentation was really appreciated by the attendees and it was the perfect complement to the rest of the agenda! Let's do it again!
— Megan Starr, Timber Framers Guild, Annual Conference

In our seminars, we use simple accessible tools to approach the quiet space — paper, pencil, markers, and the close observation of one’s own deliberate awareness. Typical introductory sessions are 90 minutes, with deeper practice in three-hour segments, or in daylong or multi-day retreats. Daily practice can be as little as five or ten minutes, but is also available at all times with a pen and paper!

Our seminars incorporate the calligraphic brush, drawing and Zen exercises to develop perception, mindfulness and leadership with insightful decisive action. Intended for both artists and non-artists including leaders in business, science, academic and other institutions, it is particularly suited for young people.

Every child, with crayon in hand, and regardless of their culture or language, marvels at the magic line which follows from every gesture they make on the page before them. This series of seminars builds on that innate human desire to make our mark. We seek the roots of attention which precedes every action, and to develop clarity, the immediate perception of the moment, or "mindfulness". 

Not just for visual artists, but equally valuable in corporate and business environments, the seminar helps move the mind into R-mode (non-linear "right-brain"), quieting the L-mode (linear, "left brain" ) and allowing us to address creative projects with increased awareness of the larger context which is the relationship between the components. We gain an enhanced, mindful appreciation of the dynamic relationship between figure and ground, in all manifestations.

Our practice further examines the root of our marking and, indeed, of all our making—The Attention Chain—Arising, Intention, Attention, Action, and Release. Picking up a tool, moving it across the page, lifting it away. Each requires a complex sequence of micro-decisions, each moment, an application of intent and will. To examine this process deeply opens profound channels for mindful introspection. All action, all speech, all innovation must follow these same patterns...

Founder Peter Fraterdeus and various invited leaders and teachers are available for sessions worldwide. Please Contact Us for booking.

“You are doing such a lovely job of bringing these important ideas to your workshop participants! I’m sure you will soon be hearing, over and over,’ This workshop changed my life!’“— Dr. Betty Edwards (best-selling author of Drawing on the Artist Within and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain)

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