2018 Retreat

Eclipse Enso August 2017 Peter Fraterdeus
Save the Dates 5-8 October 2018!

Mindful Play and Tools for Resilience

A Three-day Retreat to Rejuvenate, Connect, Create

Join renowned artist and creative explorer Pam Paulsrud MFA, calligrapher and scholar Peter Fraterdeus NEA(1981,1986), and wholistic counselor Kate Miller RScP, RYT for three days of restorative immersion in awareness, creativity and play, deepening perspective and living from intention.

Kate offers guidance in gentle yoga, breathing and mindful body presence with simple methods for daily practice.

Pam brings a magical anything-is-possible approach to deepening our creative process.

Peter presents the meditative practice of Zen Shodo, the Way of the Brush, learning to see in new ways with simple visual exercises, and to bring our intention into the mark we are making in the world.

No calligraphy or art experience is required! Just bring your eyes and hands and an open mind!

Pamela Paulsrud – from the series Hold My Hand

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Early-bird registration before May 31 is $475, a $50 savings! Three nights accommodation in private rooms (shared baths) and all meals are included. 

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Mindful Play and Tools for Resilience

The retreat includes lodging and meals. We’ll begin Friday evening at 4 pm and wrap up Monday at 2pm. There are no skill requirements other than a willingness to be open. Allowing our view of self to expand beyond sacred wounds to the Gift—that  quality that is seeking to express through us, to create a visual mantra for use in daily life.

The focus is on Embracing the Fruitful Silence, engaging mindful and playful awareness of the inner process through which we can manifest action in the outer world.

How does our state of being affect the mark we make in the world?

Enter into the Fruitful Silence with contemplative calligraphy and mark-making, and Deepen the Well of Creativity through playful and profound explorations with Shodo Brush, pen, chalk, graphite, crayon, water, ink and paper.
Develop and explore your Inner Landscape with contemplative practice, Dharma Arts, community meals and music, walking the Sinsinawa Mound Labyrinth, and growing and renewing friendships. 

We’ll use meditation, creative practice, movement, and letting go to cleanse the lens of our perceptions. We will practice contemplative mark making exercises from such sources as Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and Heart of the Brush.

"When you pick up the brush, be sure to smile! — If you want to stop smiling, first put down your brush!" — Kaz Tanahashi

Friday Evening

On Friday evening during our opening circle, we'll consider the inner vision which will guide the weekend's explorations. Some introductory mark making fun will ensue! 

The Retreat Days

Feel free to join our sitting meditation at 7am, or some guided yoga before breakfast, or walk the Labyrinth on Sinsinawa's beautiful grounds.

Morning Circle at 7:20 before breakfast.


Mindful Mark practice–selecting a word, symbol or idea which represents your vision–examine its facets, explore its negative and positive aspects, find its rhythms and make them your own. 


Free time after lunch for you to journal, walk the Labyrinth, be in community or take a pause in the fruitful silence. Or continue with your work in the studio.

Breath and mindful movement. Mindful Mark and creative practices continue.


Evening Circle, Special Feature or Performance, Restorative Yoga Nidra



Eclipse Haiku — Quill and Sumi on paper  (P Fraterdeus 2018)

Monday Morning

Monday morning after breakfast we'll have a couple more hours to wrap up projects, and finish cleaning up before our closing circle and farewell..

The Venue

Our venue is the historic Sinsinawa Mound Retreat Center, run by the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters. With room and board included, we'll be able to work into the wee hours, or get up early for yoga, zen practice, sun salutations or a contemplative walk through the labyrinth on the beautiful grounds.

The Center is a project of the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters, located on Sinsinawa Mound in the rolling countryside midway between Galena, Illinois and Dubuque, Iowa. (https://www.sinsinawa.org/moundcenter/ )

Please save the dates, October 5-8, 2018!


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Peter Fraterdeus Shodo Flag—Sumi and brush on Arches Heavy