Cursive Chinese inscribed in a pebble – ©2015  P. Fraterdeus 


Deliberate Drawing

Make a Mindful Mark™ and Drawing on Emptiness seminars are for organizations, team building, corporate retreats, helping to strengthen focus and attention, stress management and wellness programs.
Our practice further examines the root of our marking and, indeed, of all our making—The Attention Chain—Arising, Intention, Attention, Action, and Release. Picking up a tool, moving it across the page, lifting it away. Each requires a complex sequence of micro-decisions, each moment, an application of intent and will. To examine this process deeply opens profound channels for mindful introspection. All action, all speech, all innovation must follow these same patterns...

The seminars are of special interest to those developing mindfulness practice in the marketplace—HR directors, corporate wellness planners, et al, or in the clinic, for healers and medical practitioners, or to offer mindfulness practice for patients.

The practice incorporates the calligraphic brush, drawing and Zen exercises to develop perception, mindfulness and leadership with insightful decisive action. Intended for both artists and non-artists including leaders in business, science, academic and other institutions, it is particularly suited for young people.

We also practice the perception of “negative space,” the ground behind the figure. Emptiness is a design pattern. This is a practice that Steve Jobs knew very well.

In Zen, emptiness is that inner redoubt which subsumes the active mind. Drawing on Emptiness engages the hand, eye and mind, using our practice to enter that fruitful silence. There’s a reason that the ancient Chinese Emperors sought to master calligraphy!

We seek to enhance the ability to see not just the object, or the obstacle, and its obvious characteristics, but in the space surrounding, to begin to sense the infinite potential for alternative paths and opportunities. As it is said, ‘the greatest wisdom in the Hebrew scripture is in the empty space around the letters’!

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